Preparing Your Bike For Some Serious Off-Roading

When considering doing some serious off-roading on your bike, you should also be thinking about giving your bike a check over to ensure it is safe for you to ride on difficult terrain. There are a couple of things in particular you need to pay special attention to, to ensure you have all the bases covered.

The first is regarding your safety gear. Do you have a good strong helmet and some goggles to go with it? Do you have your knee and arm pads ready? Are your boots strong and in good condition? Failing to prepare and check over your safety wear can lead to you getting hurt very badly should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident. On most off road trails, you will be miles away from the nearest road. This means that the emergency services will find it tough to get to you should you have an accident. For this reason it is absolutely essential all of your safety gear is up to the job of protecting your body.

Next you need to think about looking over you bike. You should know that the tyres for motocross bikes should have plenty of tread on them, probably between about a half an inch and a full inch worth. Make sure you have no slow punctures or sharp pieces of debris in any of your tyre treads. Next up, check your motocross suspension thoroughly. Does it bottom out if you put too much pressure on it? You have to make sure your suspension is totally up to the job of taking in the big bumps you are likely to come across while riding in the great outdoors. If you hit a rock and your suspension can’t handle it, you will be up a certain creek without a paddle before you know it.

Remember, take time in checking over your safety gear and bike before going for a big off-roading adventure. It could mean the difference between life and death.

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